5 Ways AI Is Changing the Future of Digital Marketing
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5 Ways AI Is Changing the Future of Digital Marketing

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It may appear like something from a sci-fi novel or movie, but artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming popular in the digital marketing industry. Machine learning or AI, as it is generally referred to, is a type of technology wherein the designated programs are given the capability of learning to operate similarly to people. Beyond merely collecting and analyzing data, the technology that powers AI responds to interaction. Due to the potential it holds, its development has revolutionized marketing in general.

Because of this fact, many businesses are now incorporating AI into their existing advertising campaigns, most often with the assistance of experts like those from Kansas City digital marketing agencies. This article discusses how AI is changing the future of digital marketing for many brands, and how businesses can leverage this incredible piece of technology to achieve desired results. Continue to read on if you want to learn more.

Machine-Created Copies

Any experienced marketer or entrepreneur understands that a copy plays a critical part in the brand’s overall campaign. After all, well-research and compelling content remains the foundation of any website or social marketing strategy. To engage followers effectively, a company needs to catch their interest with the use of a copy. It is a task that is much easier said than to be done. Fortunately, artificial intelligence is making the process much simpler with the use of machine-created copies. At its core, this approach leverages an algorithm that covers a specific set of phrases and terms that will compel the audience with a CTA or call-to-action. They are often used with the creation of subject lines in emails. As effective as the standard for copies involve A/B testing is, it can also be a time-consuming process. Through AI, a company can generate thousands of possibilities for every content all at once and get results quicker, especially with the assistance of a capable Kansas City digital marketing firm.

Creating ad Content that is Predictive

For many years, the lifeblood of the majority of marketing campaigns has been advertisements. However, they require a considerable commitment of financial resources and time to create. Once it reaches the conceptual stages, the business will need to perform testing and evaluate the results before launching their respective campaigns. Recently, machine learning has aided many companies in streamlining their marketing efforts. Through the use of analytics, trends in the market, and user-tracking preferences, an AI can generate a predictive kind of ad content that positions the brand’s message to reach the intended audience much faster and more efficiently. While the more traditional methods of advertising cast wider nets, AI’s ad content that’s predictive allows businesses to push targeted websites and mobile for prospective customers by directly catering to their specific interests.


As the name suggests, chatbots are intended to mimic a real conversation. Because of its benefits, this trend in AI continues its rise in popularity and demand. In actuality, over a hundred thousand of these have been created for the messenger app of Facebook alone. Even those who aren’t tech-savvy have likely had some experience with this machine learning technology. Alexa and Siri are two excellent examples of this. Through technology that leverages voice recognition, both can respond appropriately to a list of specific demands. What is even more impressive is that they can learn to automate certain tasks through third-party programming.

Once they detect a request, they can respond to the command of the user quickly. Apart from the examples mentioned above, they can also function with the use of applications in a website. They are commonly used to help the domain owner respond to user queries and hold conversations like a normal person. This enhances the user experience because visitors won’t have to wait a few hours to receive an email response to a question. They can also make suggestions and recommendations for a brand’s offerings, such as pairing specific products that go well together or giving users notifications on brick-and-mortar stores that are located close.

Image Recognition

No one can deny that technology for image recognition isn’t new. It’s been around for quite some time now, with its most popular use being the ability to tag friends on images in the social media platform. However, its potential extends beyond tagging. Through machine learning, it has been used as an  interactive tool in marketing for companies who need to generate more exposure for their offerings. For example, consumers can take a picture of a specific item that they need details about and get it from AI automatically.

Product Suggestions

If you have ever used eCommerce websites like Amazon or video streaming services like Netflix, there’s a good chance that you’re more than a little familiar with the product suggestion feature. To make sure that the user experience is high, many businesses utilize machine learning to monitor consumer habits and preferences. Doing so helps them recommend products that their customers might be interested in and, as a result, make it easier on them. It isn’t unlike a virtual upsell that comes from software programs.

While tracking the way customers spend their time and money might feel wrong, it is an effective approach in promoting your offerings successfully. One of the best marketing techniques is catering to customers with relevant suggestions, after all. What artificial intelligence does, in this case, is make the entire process as easy as it is efficient. With its ability to analyze and track consumer behavior, it can offer businesses valuable data to help step up its marketing efforts and secure its target market.


With the potential that it holds for a multitude of marketing uses, it is easy to see why artificial intelligence continues to trend amongst marketers and business owners alike. Not only can it help a business engage its customers and attract prospective consumers, but they can make specific processes far more efficient, too. So, if machine learning is still not a part of your marketing campaign, make sure that it is. It will boost your marketing efforts considerably, with the help of experts like those from Kansas City digital marketing companies.