Brad Romer Gives Reasons to Start A Garden
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Brad Romer Gives Reasons to Start A Garden


Eating fruits and vegetables is recommended by doctors, nutritionists, school teachers, and, well, just about everyone. Knowing where your food comes from is a growing trend. Being ecologically aware of your impact on our planet is somewhat like coming back to our roots when the food you ate was the food you could grow. In our global economy, it is easier than ever to find fruits and vegetables year-round, but at what cost? Here are a few reasons Brad Roemer Real Estate started gardening.

The Steps

  1. Freshness. Sure, the fruits and vegetables you get at your local grocery stores are fresh. I mean, they look fresh. But how fresh are they really? For a vegetable to make it to market and have a shelf life long enough for you to buy it, it needs to be picked at an earlier stage and matured artificially. From farm to market, a local vegetable can take up to five days to make it to your store. In order for you to get optimum shelf life, your humble tomato is picked before being ripped, when it is still, green, losing on sun-kissed ripeness. Gardening offers you the chance to taste fruits and vegetables at their finest.
  2. Health. A lot of nutrients are lost when vegetables are picked at an earlier stage, not only taste. You will get more out of your food by growing it yourself. Gardening is also great exercise. Preparing you lot, turning the earth, planting, weeding. It also gets you out of the house, into the sun (don't forget sunscreen!). Sunshine is the best source of vitamin D, which helps, among other things, to prevent depression! There is something quite therapeutic about seeing something you planted bear fruit.
  3. Reducing your carbon footprint. By gardening, you help the planet. It's that simple. The more you produce at home, fewer fruits and vegetables have to be shipped around the world. If you think I'm exaggerating, take a minute on your next trip at the grocery store. You may be surprised to see fruits from Africa, China, and Europe. Shipping is a major factor in pollution. Even fruits and vegetables that are grown locally, are still shipped around, stored in warehouses. Your local farms may be environmentally friendly, but who knows what or how farms operate in other countries.
  4. Commune with nature. Taking an hour, a day in your garden, pruning, weeding, and watering. It's akin to meditation. The quiet. The earthy aromas. The chirping of birds and rustling of leaves. It brings you back to a simpler time. Before the bustling noise of cars and cackling of keypads. It grounds a person, puts things back into perspective. It may be daunting at first, but as time goes by, and you start seeing your efforts feeding you, it becomes quite enjoyable.


Gardening is a great hobby, pastime, and lifestyle. Join Brad Roemer in an environmentally friendly, sustainable way to feed yourself. Your family, and taste buds will thank you.