Choosing The Best Central Air Conditioner
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Choosing The Best Central Air Conditioner

There are several different aspects that must be taken into account while choosing a central air conditioner. Such air conditioners not just keep your home cool but they can also filter and dehumidify the air. One aspect to consider is that what parts of your home do you requires the air conditioning.


Aspects To Consider

  • Size of the air conditioner – You want to ensure that he cooling power of the AC matches the traits of the home. The contractor that is installing the appliance can do the calculations to ensure that there is an accurate account of the window area, size of the house, insulation levels are rightly determined.
  • Where To Install It? - Where you intend to place the air conditioner affects the efficiency of the machine as if there is too much of interference the air will not low through the area smoothly.
  • Moisture performance - How comfortable you are depends on controlling the humidity. ACs will vary in how much they are able to extract the moisture from the air. So it is better that you consult this with the dealer about the unit’s performance before you opt for a central air conditioner to be certain that you opt for the right one for your home. 
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio - This will give you better information on the efficiency of the air conditioner. Most of the older units get ratings of seven whereas the latest ones will not have ratings below thirteen.

Several homeowners have this misconception that the bigger size of the AC the more efficient, attractive and appealing it is but there certainly are some demerits on opting for a large sized system.

  • It will turn off and on frequently
  • Expensive
  • Requires more wear and tear
  • It is not going to run long enough to extract the moisture out of the air
  • Consumes too much of electricity, eventually hiking the energy bills.

Benefits of Central Air Conditioner

  • They are effective to regulate cool air as the air flows along a direct route to the rooms
  • Less noisy than the traditional window ACs
  • The visible part of the unit here is the compressor, and it is located externally so that it does not affect the view from the window, acquire additional space in the room, block the area, and very convenient to operate.
  • Energy efficient
  • Keeps entire house cool rather than a single room

If you are still confused about the air conditioner, take it to the dealer before you opt for one.