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Green Smoke Vaping Review

Green Smoke is one of the coolest names in the e-cigarette business, doing a Green Smoke Review is necessary to see if the said brand is worth the money and publicity. This brand has applied aggressive marketing and advertising, but the main reason for its success is their high-quality electronic cigarettes.


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The Contents

The best seller is known as the Ultimate Kit, by the name itself it is the complete package of Green Smoke for the vaping community. This kit contains two USB chargers, three rechargeable KR808D batteries, ten prefilled cartomizers, car charger, wall adapter, USB pass-thru battery and a plastic carrying case. Having a starter kit like this is like having a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The USB pass-thru alone allows vaping without getting worried about the battery life.

The classic design of a vintage magnet-top box for the starter kits is manly, impressive and never goes out of fashion. Other brands just put on their logo on their box - voila - and ship it to their customers. The packaging design of Green Smoke has this stunning image, back package and instructions manual graphics. Even the packaging of the cartomizer is a work of art with their nifty colored flip-top boxes with the green leaf-shaped stickers to keep the juice in (instead of the same old boring rubber caps). One of the best reasons that Green Smoke has captured the market is due to their impressive presentation and strategy of selling the ultimate kit for vape lovers.

The Battery Performance

Model KR808D is one of the most beautiful and sturdy e-cigarette batteries out there. The long battery version is rated at 270 mAh, while the short battery version has a mAh rating of 160. The short battery version is ideal for the light vaper; it is usable with approximately a battery life of 200 puffs (about two hour's usage). It is also easy to hide as it is the size of a 100s analog cigarettes. For the long version battery, it will drain after 250 to 300 puffs approximately (about three hours usage). Among all electronic cigarette batteries available in the market this batteries are known for their perfection. Their switch is known for their sensitivity; the battery is activated at the slightest drag. These cells are also known for their durability and anti shock properties.

All in all Green Smoke is one of the best electronic cigarettes out there in the market. Try it and see what this review is talking about.