Have An Indoor Wall Fountain? Here Are Some Tips To Maintain It
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Have An Indoor Wall Fountain? Here Are Some Tips To Maintain It

If you ever get a chance to talk to an architect or an interior designer or any person and if you ask him any advice to keep your indoors clean, elegant, fresh and cool, he may tell you to install wall fountain indoors which will not only add value to your home, but will make your interior worth watching at all times of the day. However indoor wall fountains require maintenance and here are some tips you can follow to take care of them and you can get them from indoor fountain pros;

Do not compromise on installation:

Installing a wall fountain can be tricky and it is recommended that you get the help of a professional to install you fountain perfectly so that it is not tilted from any side. It should have proper support beneath it so make sure the device on which it is standing is adequate to take its weight, as you cannot afford your fountain to fall down at any point.

Maintain water level:

Many people argue that you should shut your fountain or turn it off when you are going to sleep or leaving the house. If your fountain is very small, it is not going to save a lot of electricity and water if you turn it off, rather it will keep the water stagnant that is not goods for the pump. Moreover, stagnant water in your fountain will increase the possibility of it getting dirty which means that you will have to clean it very often, which again is wastage of water. Thus try to keep the fountain running for the health of the pump.

Use a water treatment product:

It is really hectic and time consuming if you have to empty the fountain every time you clean it and then add jugs of water again to fill it. This can be prevented if you use distilled water and a water treatment product which can extend the life of clean water in your fountain to many months.

Take care of the pump:

The water level in the fountain is regulated by the water pump and you need to make sure that the pump is submerged in water. The pump also needs to be cleaned whenever you clean the inside of the fountain. You can use a light tooth brush to clean the pump parts gently for its optimum operation and long life.