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Homemade Candles With Handy


Who does not enjoy a calm evening, with the warm and soothing scent of candles? I can never seem to find the right fragrance. Either too strong, too sweet, or too weak. Making your own candles at home is fast, and easy. As Handy discovered, it requires only a few ingredients and will fill your home with amazing fragrances.

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Easy, fast, and amazing

Making candles requires few supplies and will allow you to make high-quality candles at a fraction of the cost. Sure, you can get cheaper candles at your local retailer, but you will end up getting a cheap, fast burning, nasty smelling candle. Making them at home will allow you to mix in the fragrance you want, with the intensity you want.

Your needed supplies are simple. Paraffin, the traditional was used in candle making for years. Soy, relatively new, the soybean oil is often mixed with other waxes, such as paraffin, beeswax, palm oil wax etc. It easily accepts colors and fragrance. Beeswax, the oldest form of candle making ingredients. It does not mix well with other fragrances. We recommend Soy. You will need wicks. Wicks are graded in three sizes, small, medium and large. There is fragrance composition which you can look up online to help with the more traditional scents. You will want to melt your wax in a double-boiler to get a more even heat. Container, spatula, old pens, and thermometer.

  • Melting your wax - Depending on the wax you use, the melting and adding of fragrance temperature will vary. Make sure to have and follow the instructions before starting your candle making. Once this gets going, you will be done faster than expected! Melt your wax using a double boiler, stirring occasionally.
  • Get your wick ready - Once the wax is just starting to melt, dip the metal tap of your wick in the melted wax, then stick it to the bottom of your container. As it the wax cools, your wick will be stuck to the bottom. Try and keep it as centered as possible, with a few inches higher than the level of wax you want.
  • Add your fragrance - Once your wax has reached the recommended temperature, add your fragrances and oils, and stir well.
  • Cool and pour - Once you’ve stirred in your oil, let it cool down to 130°F and pour in your container, keeping your wick centered. Don’t tug on your wick, as you don't want your wick to get unstuck from the bottom.
  • Secure your wick - Bet you were wondering why we mentioned old pens. You will want to secure your wick to a pen to keep it centered and straight as it cools. You will notice as your wax sets that a sinkhole will form in the middle. No worries, you did not do anything wrong, that is completely normal. Just heat the wax that was left over in your double boiler and top it off.
  • Trim your wick - You will want to leave about 1/4 inch of wick sticking out of your candle.


Making candles is easy, and cheaper than buying high-quality candles. Just as Handy did, try out different fragrance combinations. It’s easier than cooking.