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Los Angeles ORM: Solar Power Car

Los Angeles ORM has been given a contract by a small company who is working on a concept car that runs solely on solar energy. They needed ORM Los Angeles to focus on creating search results that would make them stand about their competitors with poor designs from major car makers.

Los Angeles ORM has been give some specification of the car to help create content to post on various websites. The car’s body will be made from carbon fiber to ensure its durability and the solar panels will encompass it everywhere on the exterior of the car. The car will only be available in one single color purely to maintain the solar panels efficiency. The chassis will be designed to be light and strong in order to maximize on the range of the vehicle. Also, there will be six electric motors being powered by the sun as well as a huge battery being charged in order to drive great distances at night. The solar panels are customs designed in a way to absorb UV rays despite a cloudy or rainy day. Also the gadgets of the car can still be activated even without starting the car during the day as long as there is the sun shining down on it. For instance, you can park the vehicle near a beach or a park and play your music or watch a movie without having to start the car. Better yet, you can charge your phone as well without powering up the car. They are also designing the car so pet owners can afford to leave their little ones in the back with the air conditioner running, some music and a spot to hold their water and food while your at the bank or picking something up. The vehicle will have an app accessible through any smartphone and can monitor any activities within or out around the vehicle. The side windows will function as a screen for displaying messages to drivers or pedestrians around the car. This is a car of the future and ORM Los Angeles will be one of the first few e-marketing firms covering its online campaign to help spread the word about this vehicle.

Los Angeles ORM realizes many people will fear drastic changes such as this and will not be able to accept such technology so easily. Especially major corporations who invested in electric or gas powered cars. For the most part, electric car companies will probably jump on board and start investing in solar power cars since they have most of the components set up to work with this tech. It is only a matter of time before change comes to the society, and that change will start with this vehicle.