Nadine Gourkow Examine The Samsung Galaxy Tab
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Nadine Gourkow Examine The Samsung Galaxy Tab


If you are looking to get a tablet this holiday season, there are many to choose from. Nadine Gourkow was thinking of getting one, so she started to do some research on which one was the best. After many hours of research, she has finally come up with her final suggestion. If there was just one tablet that you could get this Christmas, it would definitely have to the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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Stupendous Samsung

With several options to choose from, Samsung Galaxy Tab is lightyears ahead of all of its competitors. For a detailed list of reasons, please continue reading.

  • Screens – Let’s be honest, small screens are a dying breed. No longer do people want to look at a tiny 7-inch screen. If you want to be a contender in the tablet market, you need to at least have the option for people to buy a 10.1-inch screen or better. Many people use them when they go out of town on business trips as they are smaller than a laptop but still have the functionality to perform more complex tasks.
  • Battery – When it comes to all the major brands, Samsung has the longest lasting batteries on the market. It doesn’t matter if you are surfing the internet, communicating with friend and family on social media, or having an intense gaming session just before bed. No matter what you through at it, the battery will last a long time. It is also great for watching movies in hotel rooms when nothing else is on.
  • External Storage – If you buy another brand, they will likely not have the option of bringing information with you. With the Samsung Galaxy Tab, all the products come with the ability to have a micro SD card plugged into them. This makes it great for transferring documents, movies, or music from your phone, computer, or laptop onto your tablet.
  • Switching – If you change devices, all you have to do is set the old device near the new device and it will transfer all your stuff to it. Additionally, Smart Switch can make sure that if the old device is unavailable, you can simply connect to your account remotely and transfer all the data you need to the new device. Furthermore, if you have applications on one device, they will follow you to the new device and you will not have to start over at level 1 on your Candy Crush account. That, in and of itself, makes it worth the price of admission!
  • Widgets – Those static screens of the other brands are really boring. It is like everyone has the same device. Well, with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, you can modify each screen according to your particular taste.


With so many options in tablets, it is hard to nail down just one to pick. However, we think that Nadine Gourkow has made some very good points as to why you should go with a Samsung Galaxy Tab. Trust us when we say, if you pick one up this holiday season, you will not be disappointed in your purchase. They are long lasting, stylish, a rugged. Definitely, have this on your Christmas list to Santa.