Planning Your Stay In Norway? Consider These Cities
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Planning Your Stay In Norway? Consider These Cities

If you are a travel enthusiast and want to travel the whole world, one of the most enchanting place for you to visit is Norway. Possessed with unlimited natural beauty and eye catching fjords cutting the large mountains are some of the tourists’ attractions present in Norway.

Planning a visit to Norway is certainly not an easy task as you have to make decisions about your flight, the place to stay, the places to visit during your stay, the budget and a lot of other decisions. If you need help planning your visit to Norway you can take help from Firebird Tours as they are quite experienced in arranging Norway tours. You can see here for more information about your Norway trip through Firebird tours.

The Best Cities for Stay in Norway:

Deciding about a place to stay while you are in some other country is definitely a decision of much worry as you do not know about the country at all and the worth staying places there. Therefore I am going to list the best cities for you to plan your stay in Norway:


The capital of the country is always much more important and powerful than any other cities of a particular state and if we talk about the capital of Norway, Oslo is the one with center of power and beauty. This city has an attractive blend of ancient historic culture and the urban civilization. The city has a number of beautiful historic museums like the Shi Museum, the Viking History which attracts the tourists from all the way to Norway. The visit to the Opera House of Oslo is one must thing to do while your stay in Oslo.


This breathtaking city is located among the seven hills with fjords alongside them. The Bryggen wharf is a must visit place which is a part of UNESCO world heritage. The Bagen Harbor is also making this city quite beautiful and worth staying for the tourists. The wooden houses are scattered around the Harbor and you can arrange your stay in one of these houses. You can enjoy the view by taking a ride in a cable car.


Tromso gives a great depiction of colorful civilized life having a touch of religious and iconic landmark structures. You can find here the beautiful Tromso Museum University along with a number of cathedrals and other religious pieces.