Slots with the best Pay-outs today
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Slots with the best Pay-outs today

Winorama Casino Games App by John Hearsum

With the casino industry being based primarily on luck, gamers need all the help they can get. Some Winorama Casino games carry out a higher pay-out ratio, meaning the chances of a gamer winning are higher.

What are pay-out percentages?

In simple terms, the pay-out percentage can also be defined as the bonus percentage. It is the percentage of winnings a player is likely to receive relative to the amount wagered by the player. The higher the pay-out percentage, the more likely the player will win. It is important to note that the pay-out percentage is only an average. It cannot predict if or how much you are going to win. It is there to give gamers a rough idea of how likely it is they could win. The more a gamer plays (or spins), the closer they will be to achieving the pay-out percentage.

Why do gamers need pay-out percentages?

If you are an experienced gamer or brand new to the casino industry, then it is recommended that you look at the pay-out percentages of each game. Without pay-out percentages, gamers are likely to lose more money. Looking at the percentages helps the gamers to decide what games are best for them and what games match their level of risk.

How do I find the best pay-out?

Included in this article is a list of games that offer great pay-outs. But there are too many varieties of casino games to list them all. When you are doing your own research there are few tips that will help you find safe games to play. First of all, find a game with an RTP of 90% or over. This is a great pay-out rate. When you are playing slots, check what the maximum pay-out is for each combination before playing. Ensure you know what type of slot you are playing; they do vary in gameplay and jackpots. 

Best pay-outs

With so many casino games, it is hard to find which games offer the best pay-outs. Below is a list of current casino games with advantageous pay-out percentages. 

Lucky Leprechaun

This slot has one of the highest RTP ratios with a shocking 96.83%. The pay-out is good, and you stand to win a maximum amount of $500,000 (£376,132.50). 


With a number 1 ranking, Gladiator is an extremely popular slot. Unsurprisingly considering the maximum jackpot is two million dollars (£1,504,530.00), this has a slightly lower but still acceptable RTP of 91.50%. 


This slot is currently ranked number two. Which is surprising considering the maximum jackpot is the same as Gladiator. The interesting aspect is that Cleopatra actually has a higher RTP. With an RTP of 95.02%. Theoretically, this slot is a safer choice. The reason it could be behind Gladiator is because of gamers not comparing the RTPs.