Website Takedown – A Solution to Avoid Malware and Phishing Frauds
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Website Takedown – A Solution to Avoid Malware and Phishing Frauds

Internet has enabled the people to communicate and interact with each around the globe. Almost every organization now has an official website to introduce its services & products in different locations and expand business. These websites are accessible to everyone and contains crucial data & content related to business policies, products and services. With the increase in online businesses, the risk of scamming, fraud, and phishing and malware attacks has also increased. All of these are not only harmful for the organization but also for its customers, because these spread via emails, rouge mobile apps and social media. One way to eliminate such hoax is ‘Website takedown’, which is discussed briefly in this article.

What is meant by Website Takedown?

Website takedown is a remedial solution to protect the copyright rights of a website and organization. It is a process of removing content from a website. This is effective in two conditions,

  • Inappropriate Content Posting – if someone is posting inappropriate or spam content (image, video, message) on a website without owner’s permission.
  • Use of Website’s Content – if someone is using the website content and posting without the permission of content/copyright owner.

The owner of content/copyright has the right to request a takedown against any website using & their content. A takedown notice will be then issued for that website and its content will be removed.

Minimize Online Abuse

Site takedown is very helpful in reducing risk of cyber-crimes, and provides protection for the website as well for its content. This techniques is helping many websites to take down phishing and malware. Many software have been developed which provides services of site takedown. The content is removed only when a takedown notice is requested by a content/copyright owner. It is not difficult to find a website takedown software and sites which are efficient to protect your data and content.

Things to Consider

Many website service providers are available online, making it difficult for people to select one. To select the best service provider to takedown any website you need to consider some factors. These factors will surely help you to make decision. Always check following points when looking for takedown service provider:

  • Credibility & Reliability
  • Speed to Respond
  • Experience
  • Service Charges
  • Problem detection techniques

You can check all these factors by reading and comparing the customer reviews and ratings of the relevant site takedown provider. These reviews are available on their websites plus you can also find these online.