Why It Is Imperative To Understand Wind Energy Pros And Cons
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Why It Is Imperative To Understand Wind Energy Pros And Cons

Although there are several things concerning the renewable energy sources known as the Wind Power, it is not really the perfect medium. There are various wind energy pros and cons.

Pros Of Wind Energy You Must Consider

  • The source of renewable energy is considered to be the ‘green’ source of energy. This is mainly because it does not cause any harm to the environment compared to the traditional fossil fuels, nuclear or clean coal form of energy. Though it is not without its own negative environmental effects, it is still a much cleaner alternative.
  • This source of energy is accessible in most location and more than 50 percent of the U.S. is suitable for harvesting wind power energy. In most cases, this is not very cost-effective but surely is possible.
  • This is a renewable form of energy and is unlimited. Although current production in a certain region perhaps be impacted by fluctuating weather patterns, no one has control over it, but you never are going to run out of wind power in the long run. That is when there is not going to be any wind – which certainly would be a bigger problem.
  • People can harness the power of wind energy for their homes or even for their businesses. They may consider setting up homemade wind turbines.
  • Wind power is beneficial for people and even small communities become energy independent. This works well for all those who reside ‘off the grid’ and also those who prefer bringing down their monthly energy bills by implementing wind power energy source. Since this source of energy is unreliable, it is better to think of wind energy as a secondary source of energy.

Wind Energy Cons You Must Know About

  • Large-scale wind energy farms prove to be costly. The expansive growth in the wind power industry has been mainly funded by grants and subsidies that are paid for by the taxpayers. Although there are DIY users who can find cost-effective means of power generation, the large-scale farms are not yet able to operate and expand without government support.
  • Wind energy turbines are not bird friendly. Many birds die as they fly into the big spinning blades
  • Unpredictable source of energy generation as it relies on uncontrollable wind patterns
  • Giant wind turbines are noisy

The cost-effectiveness and sustainability of power that is generated using wind as a power source is still under discussion. Nevertheless, as technology improves the cost of building, as well as, maintain the wind turbines are decreasing every year.